Company Information

Brandon Concessions LLC was started nearly 25 years ago by Barry & Elizabeth Brandon. Barry has been involved in the outdoor/indoor gaming industry for well over 40 years.

Here at Brandon Concessions LLC we are dedicated to providing our customers and our employees with safe and enjoyable  carnival game concessions, always comprised of the newest equipment available. Our events include more than 15 major fairs and festivals as well as smaller celebrations in churches and shopping centers. Brandon Concessions strives to provide customers with a wonderful experience when playing the variety of games that we have to offer. Our goal is that every customer leaves the fair with a toy or arms full of merchandise. Brandon Concessions LLC operates a quality game operation with games based on fun rather than gambling or other unfair and illegal practices. Many of our games are designed for kids to win with every play! Guests enjoy our Balloon A Rama where you can throw darts at a wall filled with balloons, the more you pop the bigger your prize gets! Or the Water Race where you can race against your friends with the use of water guns. Some of our games are geared towards a older audience in which patrons can test their skills to by shooting a basketball into a non regulation hoop or gently toss a ball into a bucket.

Barry Brandon has received many awards and publications in local newspapers as well as televised news.

Portland Rose Festival

– The Portland Rose Festival Association, certificate of appreciation for ” Biggest Day In Game ” Award.