From Child Customer to Carnival Game Conglomerate.

At age 15 Barry Brandon went to his local fair Helldorodo  Days in Las Vegas, Nevada . After spending all his money he figured that he needed a job, so went to work as an employee on the Toboggan for W.P.S (Western Pacific Shows).  Barry liked having a job and wanted to continue working the summer. During that same summer Barry left the rides to go work for William Marcus so he could learn the food business. Barry continued working for Marcus concessions for 9 years. During this time he was  the manager of two food stands at various fairs on the midways as  well as independents funded events.

Barry Brandon married Diane Marcus daughter of William Marcus. Together they had two sons Cary and Brian. In 1976 Barry’s marriage with Diane ended. He left Marcus Concessions and moved on, going back to work for W.P.S. There Barry became the Operator of four food stands and later met his wife now of twenty-one years. After some time do the decline in profitable fairs and Liz Brandon, Barry’s wife expecting the arrival of their son Alex Brandon Barry left W.P.S.  and went to work for M.L.M. Concessions.

#1 Carnival Game Rental Provider

Here Barry learned to work, operate and manage game concessions, on Butler Amusements Inc. Barry knew his time with M.L.M. was going to be short. Barry knew he one day was going to venture out and become an owner of his own c

oncessions. In the mid-season of 1989 with a small loan from his family Barry purchased a trailer water race. The following year in 1990 together Barry and Elizabeth Brandon now owning three carnival game concession trailers a Balloon Water Race, Machine Guns and a hoopla, they started Brandon Concessions LLC.

Today Brandon Concessions LLC has grown to 11 beautiful carnival game concession trailers, 10 Waterloo new millenium frames, 13 trucks, 3 living quarters for employees and a Peterbilt Semi truck with 2 semi trailers.