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“If you build it, they will come!” Many concessionaires, amusement park owners and operators think that this applies to their c
ompany. They believe their guests come just because they have built or purchased a new appealing concession. We here at Brandon Concessions, know that having nice equipment for our guests is only part of the formula. Our staff is valued for their character, contribution and devotion, we use the best customer service statistics.

To us, they are special. They take great pride in the job they do and are committed to the standards we’ve established. The key element of what keeps people coming back to visit us is our award winning Team of Employees. Without our Team, our carnival games would not operate. Brandon Concessions retains nearly 80% of our valued staff every year. We strive to have the brightest, most energetic, and extremely motivated staff. We take great pride in our outgoing, people-orientented employees and believe them to be the best that can be found in our industry.

The best carnival games in the world mean nothing if our guests do not enjoy them and it is our employees who make that experience a positive one that will be remembered long after your state fair or event ends. Brandon Concessions does a very thorough employment screening to ensure the utmost safety for our fellow employees and guests. Brandon Concessions has deep experience within our industry and are proud members of several clubs and associations including Showmens League of America and Western Fairs Association. We screen our employees to effectively reduce the risk and exposure of negligent employees. We ensure that our employees will have sound business ventures while attending your fair or event.