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#1 carnival game rentals company- from state fairs to company parties. We Supply the best carnival games in the amusement industry.Brandon Concessions LLC understands the needs of party and event planners or clients just wanting to rent a few carnival games for their next big party. Whether you are just looking for some entertainment at a fundraiser, or a corporate event we offer the same attention to detail when it comes to planning, setting up, and executing the most exciting party you have ever thrown. We provide a professional experience for you and your patrons every time. Carnival game rentals can be a very time constraining task but with our team of knowledgeable employees we will get the job done with no worries. We can provide nearly any carnival game concession you could imagine. Brandon Concessions LLC carnival game rentals are also available for film and TV production sets. We understand how important it is to get the job done right the first time. When we come to your event, we provide everything from a our professionally trained staff of game concession operators to the merchandise stock the carnival game rentals. Since we own all of our equipment, we have the ability to provide the mix that will best work for your event. We offer free consultation for your event, including a site visit to evaluate your location. We can also talk about your needs and give you a firm price that includes all the extras you might want. Hoop Shot BasketballBrandon Concessions LLC operates a quality carnival game rentals company. Our operation is equipped with games based on fun rather than gambling or other unfair and illegal practices. Many of our carnival game rentals are designed for kids to win with every play! Guests enjoy our Balloon A Rama where you can throw darts at a wall filled with balloons, the more you pop the bigger your prize gets! Or the Water Race where you can race against your friends with the use of water guns. Some of our games are geared towards a older audience in which patrons can test their skills to by shooting a basketball into a none regulation hoop or gently toss a ball into a bucket. Feel free to see all of our carnival game rentals here.

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