Machine Gun Alley

The all new 2015 Machine Gun Alley with Roger Rabbit, Dick Tracey theme. Very popular at every fair we go, Everyone likes to shoot at the star with the machine guns. A old family tradition with today’s technology incorporated making it even more fun than yesteryears

NEARLY 100% COMPLETELY L.E.D. With a beautiful L.E.D. Marquee that lights up around the words “MACHINE GUN ALLEY” and L.E.D. lights underneath the awning this beautiful piece is nearly 100% L.E.D. and plan to have all fluorescent lights and halogen lights replaced to L.E.D. by the end of 2016.

Machine Gun Alley is known as one of the most difficult carnival games on the midway. The machine gun alley even with its difficulty is still one of the most popular carnival games attractions at the fair because of the enormous award given out when the player conquers the game. The object of the machine gun alley is to shoot the machine gun ammo around the red target star clearing out the whole star leaving behind no red.

As a patron, we want you to experience a wide variety of carnival games when on one of the many midways we attend. Our friendly employees have been trained to be informative to our customers, improving our guests skills. Increasing the patrons opportunity to go home with a smile and arms full of merchandise. Please enjoy some of the newest carnival games in the industry provided by Brandon Concessions LLC.

This trailer is a 32′ Single-Open style trailer and requires 32′ X 20′ minimum area to operate.